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Pre-engineered steel building application


Today, with the outstanding advantages about construction cost and timeline, pre-engineered steel buildings are being used in many kinds of buildings for various businesses and organizations. Common applications of pre-engineered steel buildings are:


  • Industrial buildings: factories, warehouses, cold storages …

This is the most famous and popular application of pre-engineered steel buildings. Currently, pre-engineered steel buildings account for 70% of  industrial construction buildings in the world and in the US, this figure is 95%. Corporate owners can be assured of the benefits that pre-engineered steel buildings bring to their factories: modern construction technical standards, guaranteed quality which is controlled through each stage, saving costs, easy to expand and efficiently recycle.

I&H Factory at Thilawa SEZ by Vis Steel Structure


  • Commercial buildings: showrooms, commercial centers, shopping mall, wedding centers, supermarkets….

    In Vietnam, commercial buildings from pre-engineered steel buildings are increasingly popular. Compared with the conventional steel buildings which take a lot of time for construction, pre-engineered steel buildings have shortened the project time by more than 50%. Moreover, PEBs can create unobstructed, column-free spaces greater than 30 metres. So they are suitable for buildings which need large spaces such as shopping malls, wedding centers...

 VA 6-floor shopping center in Phillipines by Vis Steel Structure


  • Public buildings: train station, airport terminal, museum, stadium, exhibition center….

    Similar to commercial buildings, pre-engineered steel buildings are widely used in many public buildings in Vietnam and around the world. The metro stations which are under construction in HCM City are the typical example. These buildings also show the aesthetics of pre-engineered steel buildings with modern architecture.

ACE 7-floor medical center in Philippines by Vis Steel Structure


  • Other buildings: hangar, farm, car parking…

    Other applications of pre-engineered steel buildings are equally popular in civil and industrial construction.

Parking lot of Kurabe Vietnam factory


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