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Steel Structure Application


It has been more than 100 years since the first steel structure building was built. Since then, the steel structure sector has grown constantly and became a new trend of the civil and industrial construction industry. Steel structure projects are environmentally friendly, in line with green growth goals, energy saving and reduction policy. Steel structure is widely used in many fields and various types of projects such as:



High-rise building

In high-rise buildings, the advantage of steel structure is obvious, and owns considerable economic and social benefits. Especially, in high-rise building projects that have over 15 floors, steel structure is the first choice. This is due to the fact that the building structure in steel is lighter and more efficient, and has beams that are not required to be as deep as those of concrete to support the floors.


Public buildings

The feature of public building is its high aestheticism and column-free spaces greater than 30 metres. Therefore, steel structure is a suitable solution for this type of construction such as stadiums, exhibition centers, airports, stations ... Especially, for special projects with a span larger than 100m, steel structure is almost the only choice for building.




Equipment Support Structure

Offshore structure platform design and construction are a hybrid of steel structure design and harbor design and construction. Besides, the steel structure acts as a bracing system (support for underground construction works), a truss system (supporting structure for large-scale projects, high-rise buildings. ..) such as: bridge construction auxiliary ...


Pipe racks

Pipe racks are frame structures that support pipes and auxiliary equipment in the process areas of industrial plants. Thanks to its good bearing capacity, high flexibility and toughness, steel structure is the suitable structure for pipe racks in oil refineries, petrochemical plants, thermal power plants, chemical plants...





Infrastructure or items such as: steel bridge, electric pole, guardrail, toll booth, garage ...


Tower structure

Electric poles, antennas, telecommunication towers, or some special kind of structure such as offshore tower,…




Silo steel structure

Oil tanks, silo for grains, blast furnace facility and equipment for chemical plants, petrochemical plants.


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