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Trim & Flashing System

Trim and flashing system has the effect of protecting the roof edge, preventing leakage, splashing, and draining water from the roof. Gutter system helps to drain water quickly, limit leaks on the roof and keep the longest lifespan for panels. In addition, these systems provide the neat appearance at corners and junctions of a building that gives the aesthetics of your pre-engineered steel building. Therefore, Vis Steel Structure provides customers with a complete and diverse range of trim and flashing system for many types of projects. All of these parts are designed and manufactured at the Vis factory to ensure the correct specifications, color accuracy and best quality for the project.

We introduce the basic types of trim and flashing:



Trim is made from galvanized aluminum steel sheet or coloured stainless steel sheets according to the design. The average sheet thickness is about 0.3-0.5mm. At the factory, the sheets will be put into the bending machines and bend to the corners according to the drawings. Depending on the position, each trim will have an appropriate shape and size: Ridge Cap, Corner Trim, Gable Trim, Drip Trim, Edge Trim


Galvanized gutter has many advantages such as: high durability, stainless, light, easy to deliver and install with reasonable price, suitable for many types of projects. Depending on the installation positions, the gutter is divided into: Valley gutter, Eave gutter, Downspout




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