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Steel Structure Introduction


Steel Structure is an optimal construction solution that meets high quality, aesthetics and progress requirements for your project. Not only that, with the potential for strong development in the future, the steel structure is being improved day by day, bringing better projects at a more reasonable cost.


Steel structure - An overview

Steel structure is a load bearing structure of the building which carries and transfers the load to the ground safely. It is built over a structural concept of hot rolled steel sections*. Like the backbone of a body, steel structures carry safely all the loads imposed on the building. This type of structure is increasingly widely used in the civil and industrial construction industry. In particular, steel structure is the best choice for large-scale construction projects, with unique architecture or high-rise buildings.

MDCD project in Philippines built by Vis Steel Structure


*Hot rolled steel sections are steel sections made of hot-rolled steel. Hot rolling involves the production of sheet metal from billets by passing the steel through rollers while above its recrystallization temperature to desired physical dimensions. Hot Rolled Steel is available in many shapes, grades and sizes depending on the purpose of use. Common shapes are H-shaped beam, I-shaped beam, channel, angle, plate… Hot-rolled steel is compressed to achieve higher tensile strength.

Thanks to hot-rolled steel advantages, even steel structure is lighter than other types of structure like concrete structure and timber structure, it is stronger and tougher that can carry the load better


Concepts and Formulas

Steel structures can be classified as follows:

  • Frame building

  • Plate girder

  • Prestressed girder 

  • Grids structures: latticed structure or dome

  • Arch bridge, Beam bridge, Cable-stayed bridge, Suspension bridge

  • Truss structures: Bar or truss members

  • Transmission line towers



Advantages of steel structure

Steel structure owns outstanding advantages that help it be widely used by various projects in civil and industrial construction:


Flexibility and easy-to-expand

Its lightweight makes steel easy to transport over land or sea freight at a reasonable cost.  Not only that, thanks to connection by bolts, steel structures are easy to disassemble, transport and re-install in other locations. A real case proved this advantage: a prototype ProLogic warehouse was built at Heathrow (UK) to demonstrate how over 80% of the entire structure was reusable, which could be disassembled in a fraction of the time an average warehouse would take.

Steel structures also demonstrate their flexibility in expanding and changing space of building easily.


Saving cost in investment

It can easily be recycled and doesn’t need to be permanently disposed of, so old buildings or temporary supports can be repurposed into new projects as needed. Roughly 97.5% of all steel from UK demolition sites is recovered and reused, according to data gathered by Steel Construction.

As the desire for eco-friendly buildings increases, steel structure also becomes more convenient for construction projects. Recovered steel components that haven’t been damaged can be reused in other projects, removing the cost of getting the alloy melted down and re-cut as a new part. If a building is being demolished and rebuilt, investors can recover investment costs too. The existing parts could be stripped out and repurposed to save money kept in storage for future projects or simply sold to another company as components . 


Saving cost in building and maintenance

Due to its high strength-to-weight ratio, less steel is needed in a single support or beam, reducing material costs and improving its sustainable nature. This extra strength can be retained through the design, rather than the amount of steel used. Steel I-beams are often used in modern construction since they’re lighter, stronger and less wasteful than any wooden beam of the same size. Investors and owners can gain many benefits from using steel structure: reduce foundation construction costs, shorten erection time, reduce labor costs, increase rate of reusable and recyclable waste in construction

Besides, steel structure is one of the most durable materials with lowest maintenance cost.


High aesthetics and architecture

In modern architecture, the beauty of steel structure has conquered many architects by its uniqueness. They can be formed into any shape, from a simple straight line to a complex curve. The slenderness and strength of steel allow for graceful expression as well as an inherent transparency of frame. Steel structure can create dome structure, column-free spaces with long span cellular beams or unique structures that cannot be built by wood or concrete structure. In addition, steel structures contribute greatly to typical urban projects such as suspension bridges, towers, airports, metro stations, stadiums ... In the heavy industry sector, steel structures is the first choice for mega projects with large-scale complex and heavy equipment and facilities.



The steel structure is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions such as strong winds, typhoons and snowfall. In particular, the steel structure is extremely suitable for earthquake resistance. This structure is also unaffected by moisture, termites and bugs. Under ideal weather conditions, a steel structure building has a lifespan of more than 100 years.


Building with us

As a company with deep experience in the field of steel structures, Vis Steel Structure offers customers a one-stop steel structure solution from A to Z. Our outstanding feature is the optimal design solution from experienced staff. In addition, we are committed to implementing the project with guaranteed quality and progress.


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