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At Vis Steel Structure, we provide a pre-engineered steel building and steel structure construction solution with a strong commitment to quality and progress. In particular, consulting is the first important step to give our customers the solution that best suits your needs.

The consultation process is a tight two-way interaction between our consultant team and our customers. In which, we will base on project’s features to propose:


  • Consulting on optimal design solutions for the overall project structures. We not only give consulting on steel structure solutions but also related items of the project such as foundation structure, equipment installation solutions ...


  • Pre-engineered steel buildings or steel structure solutions meet all requirements of the manufacturing process and follow the capital budgeting process. Many factors affecting the construction and equipment installation will be considered such as:

    • Specific requirements of the manufacturing industry

    • Investment costs

    • Certifications that the project wants to achieve: Green building certification (Lotus, VGBC, USGBC), GMP, FM Approved ...

    • Geography and climate where the project is located at

    • Location and environment around the project

      Vis professional consulting team will analyze existing information to come up with suitable solutions. For example: A factory that complies with GMP standards must minimize the penetration of moisture and harmful organisms. From there, we will offer suitable steel structures, pre-engineered steel building solutions and suitable accessories for customers.


  • Not only at meeting the project's requirements, we bring the better and better project for investors and owners by the optimal solution which is capable of improving efficiency, saving energy and operation costs. At the same time, the project has a potential life expectancy of 50-70 years.


  • Cost Estimation for Projects. In this process, Vis Steel Structure’'s consulting team will estimate, process and allocate cost in the most appropriate and logical way. We will make estimates of the quantity and price of all the resources you need in order to finish the project. From there, Vis helps investors have an overview of the project and have a good preparation of resources for the project.


  • Construction time. With extensive experience in the design, manufacturing and erection of over 200 projects, we will give accurate estimates of the time required to complete the project. Therefore, we could complete commitments on progress and quality with customers.


When Vis Steel  Structure and customers agree on project solutions, project schedule and plan,  the design phase will start.


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