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VIS Steel Fabrication Facility

VIS Steel is at the forefront of the steel fabrication industry in Vietnam, known for its high-quality steel structures. The backbone of our operations is our state-of-the-art factory, equipped with advanced machinery and staffed by certified welders and skilled workers. This article takes a closer look at the facilities that make VIS Steel a reliable partner in steel structure fabrication.

Cutting-Edge Machinery

Shearing Machines:

Our factory houses top-of-the-line shearing machines capable of cutting large steel sheets with precision. These machines are essential for producing clean, straight cuts that form the basis for further fabrication processes. The shearing machines at VIS Steel ensure minimal material wastage and high efficiency, contributing to our cost-effective and environmentally friendly operations.

Shearing machine

Auto Welding Lines:

Welding is a critical component of steel structure fabrication, and at VIS Steel, we have invested in advanced auto welding lines. These automated systems provide consistent, high-quality welds that meet stringent industry standards. Our auto welding lines enhance productivity and ensure that our steel structures are both robust and reliable.

Auto welding machine

Plasma Machines:

For intricate cuts and detailed fabrication, our plasma machines are unparalleled. These machines use electrically conductive gas to cut through metal with precision, allowing us to create complex shapes and components with ease. The plasma machines at VIS Steel are vital for projects that require detailed customization and high precision.

Plasma cutting machine

CNC Drilling Machines:

Our CNC drilling machines offer automated, precise drilling capabilities, essential for creating accurate holes in steel components. These machines are programmed to meet exact specifications, ensuring uniformity and precision in every project. This automation reduces human error and increases the speed of production.

CNC drilling machine

Straightening Beam Machines:
These machines correct any deformations in the beams, ensuring they are perfectly straight before further processing. This step is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity and alignment of our steel components, leading to superior finished products.

Surface Preparation and Finishing

Shot Blasting Machines:

To ensure the longevity and durability of our steel structures, VIS Steel employs advanced shot blasting machines. These machines clean and prepare steel surfaces by removing rust, scale, and other contaminants. This process not only enhances the adhesion of paint and coatings but also improves the overall finish of the steel components.

Shot blasting machine

Painting Machines:

Protection against environmental factors is crucial for steel structures. Our painting machines apply high-quality industrial coatings to our steel components, providing a robust protective layer. This automated painting process ensures uniform coverage and optimal thickness, safeguarding the steel against corrosion and wear.

Material Handling and Logistics


VIS Steel's factory is equipped with numerous cranes of varying capacities, including 5-ton, 3-ton, and 15-ton cranes. These cranes are essential for moving and loading steel structures within the factory. They facilitate the smooth handling of heavy components, ensuring efficiency and safety in our operations.

Skilled Workforce

Certified Welders and Skilled Workers:

At VIS Steel, our advanced machinery is complemented by a team of certified welders and skilled workers. Our welders undergo rigorous training and certification processes to ensure they meet the highest industry standards. Alongside them, our skilled workers bring expertise and precision to every stage of the fabrication process, from initial cutting to final assembly.


The state-of-the-art facilities at VIS Steel factory underscore our commitment to excellence in steel structure fabrication. Our investment in cutting-edge machinery and a skilled workforce enables us to deliver high-quality, durable steel structures that meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether it's through the precision of our CNC drilling machines, the robustness of our auto welding lines, or the efficiency of our material handling cranes, VIS Steel remains dedicated to setting the benchmark in the steel fabrication industry in Vietnam.


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