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Quality Control at VIS Steel

At VIS Steel, we prioritize quality control at every stage of the steel structure fabrication process to ensure the highest standards for our steel structures. Our comprehensive quality control system covers everything from raw material inspection to fabrication, shot blasting, painting, packaging, and transportation. This meticulous approach ensures that our steel structures meet the stringent requirements of our customers and adhere to their standards.


1. Raw Material Inspection

The quality of our steel structures begins with the raw materials. VIS Steel sources high-quality steel from reputable manufactureres. Each batch of steel undergoes rigorous testing to verify compliance with specified mechanical and chemical properties. This includes checking the grade, thickness, and surface condition. Materials are stored in a controlled environment to prevent contamination and damage, ensuring they maintain their integrity until fabrication.


2. Fabrication

During the fabrication stage, VIS Steel uses CNC cutting machines and qualified production processes to achieve technical precision and consistency. Our quality engineers oversee each step of the process, including:


- Steel Cutting: Steel plates are cut using shearing machines or CNC plasma cutters to the desired dimensions, minimizing waste.

- Automatic Welding: The cut steel plates are assembled and welded using automatic welding machines to create uniform, high-quality welds and minimize human error.

- Beam Straightening: Post-welding, beams are straightened using beam straightening machines to correct any distortions caused by heat during welding. This step is crucial to maintaining structural integrity and alignment.

- Manual Welding: The ends of the beams (approximately 300-400mm) are manually welded by qualified welders according to the Welding Procedure Specification (WPS). Stiffeners and connection plates are also welded at this stage.


3. Grinding

Once all welding processes are complete, the beams are ground to smooth out edges and round off any sharp corners left from the steel cutting process.


4. Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is a vital step in preparing the steel surface for painting. At VIS Steel, we use large, high-capacity shot blasting equipment to clean and roughen the steel surface, removing all rust and dirt. This process enhances the paint adhesion and extends the lifespan of the steel structures. Blasted surfaces are inspected to ensure they meet the cleanliness and roughness standards, typically SA2.0 or SA2.5.


5. Painting

Painting is essential for protecting steel structures from corrosion and environmental damage. VIS Steel only uses high-quality paints from renowned manufacturers such as Hempel, Jotun, and Carboline. Depending on the project requirements, the paint system may include:

- Primer: A primer coat is applied to steel surfaces to provide a base for the topcoat.

- Topcoat: Multiple topcoats are applied to achieve the desired thickness and finish. Each coat is allowed to dry completely before the next one is applied.

Painted surfaces are inspected to ensure uniform coverage, thickness, and compliance with specifications. Any defects are promptly addressed to ensure optimal protection.


6. Packaging & Transportation

Proper packaging and transportation are crucial to maintaining the quality of our steel structures during transit. VIS Steel employs strict procedures for packaging and shipping, including:


- Packaging: Steel structures are packed into bundles on skids and securely reinforced to prevent movement during transportation, avoiding paint scratches and structural deformation due to impact.

- Labeling: Each package is clearly labeled with detailed information, including project identification and component specifications.

- Loading: Each component is loaded into high-capacity crane containers (20-25 tons) and transported to the port.



At VIS Steel, quality control is an integral part of our steel structure fabrication process. From raw material inspection to packaging and transportation, we adhere to stringent standards to deliver steel structure products that meet customer expectations. Our commitment to quality ensures that customers receive durable, reliable, and high-performance steel structures for their projects.


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