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Installation of corrugated iron roofs for modern prefabricated houses

Prefabricated houses are increasingly taking part in construction works. Prefabricated houses with strengths have been helping businesses develop the manufacturing sector. Choosing roof metal for prefabricated houses is also an issue of concern and an important factor. Corrugated iron roofs will definitely help to preserve machinery and equipment in the warehouse. Therefore, the erection of corrugated iron roofs should be carefully and well carried out.

On the market today, there are many types of corrugated iron roofs, depending on the nature of the requirements of prefabricated houses to choose the most suitable roof type. The roofing of corrugated iron roofs today is also diverse and modern, suitable to the needs and requirements of the design. Therefore, investors can choose for their premises the most appropriate type of corrugated iron roof, ensuring the highest quality of preservation.


Before performing the erection steps, these steps should be fully prepared:

Accurate measurement to buy the right corrugated iron
Determine the slope of the roof. You can apply the formula, length multiplied by width, then multiply by the slope. This figure will tell you the area to be covered.
Buying materials: Based on the design, choose the material that best suits the project. Prepare a saw or a metal cutting device, stapler gun, a drill and drill of all kinds, nail nails, metal roofing screws, self-sealing wood screws.


Choose good type corrugated screws with durability equivalent to roofing, must have black plastic or non-oxidized insulating materials. When moving on the roof for installation to go lightly, using soft sole shoes, walking on the purlins below. Use an electric drill to attach screws. Clean purlin surfaces before roofing prefabricated steel roofs

Install roof borders and louvers around the roof.

Installation of roofing: Now you need to start with the highest peak from the steel roof. Hold the roof first and place it on the roof so it sticks out at least 3/4 inch. The distance between these screws is about 12 inches. Roots need to be 1 inch apart and then turn to other corrugated iron sheets. You can use silicon to tighten the edges of the roof sheet

Install n-joint shields that are placed on slots in the roof. Joints can be bent into a V-shape to fit the roof. Use one or two rows of screws depending on the width of the slot.

When you have completed the steps of erecting the corrugated iron roof, check. If there is a technical problem, please fix it immediately!


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